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My name is James Robert Reade. I was born November 24, 1960 in Inglewood California. I began my education at St. Eugene's Catholic School as a child where I excelled in spelling. As a young boy I attended St. Hedwigs in the City of Los Alamitos and that was fun because I lived just one block from the school. My favorite class in the sixth, seventh and eighth grades was English. I will always remember hitting a home run at St. Hedwigs Little League field and listening to every single Dodger and Angel game on the radio. My brother and I and our friend next door dreamed about baseball 24 hours a day...we collected something like thirty five thousand baseball cards! I high schooled at St. John Bosco in Bellflower, Los Alamitos High School and Troy High School in Fullerton. I studied Journalism at Fullerton College and authored several articles for the Hornet Newspaper. I am blessed with a strong education and the best life anybody could ask for. I do not smoke, drink or do drugs.

I have owned my home in Anaheim for 16 years at the Golden Skies across the street from the Anaheim Marketplace between Ball Road and Cerritos Avenue alongside Anaheim Boulevard at 100 West Midway Drive Space #124 Anaheim California 92805-6519.

I purchased my home in 1990 and visited the office to sign the residency agreement for the property with the then property manager John Hale. I signed the agreement and after I handed it to Mr. Hale he said, "I'm glad you're white because too many Mexicans are moving here. We don't want Mexicans, they don't pay the rent on time and they get the damn pool dirty." I remember exactly word for word what he said to me, because it was so improper. It placed doubt in my mind about the integrity of park management, but I had already signed the contracts and the home was in escrow. In that moment I felt deceived.

Over the next decade I had several uncomfortable situations with management, but nothing compared to the constant grief and terror inflicted by Daniel Michael Mazurik. He blocked the thoroughfare to my home, relentlessly flipped me off with his middle finger and made constant threats of violence at me. He damaged my property and yelled in my face. He also constantly threatened me with eviction.

Then a neighbor on my block, someone I had never met before, a lovely lady named Alma Ramirez (watch a video clip of her), knocked on my door and asked if I had experienced any problems with the management. Miss Ramirez encouraged me to speak about the harassment at the Anaheim City Council meeting. I did speak and the next morning my name and photo appeared on the second front page of the Los Angeles Times.

Daniel Michael Mazurik pleaded guilty to and was convicted of battery of another person residing in the complex. I had to use aggressive letter writing to get Police Chief Roger Baker to take action that eventually resulted in Mazurik's arrest on an outstanding warrant. The harassment of me continued when Mike Leffler replaced Mazurik. Leffler also harassed others. Leffler's most infamous verbal attacks were against residents of Mexican heritage. Leffler used the hate crime language, "Your mother and father are wetbacks and they should go back to Mexico!"

Several months later the State of California Dispute Resolution Services mediated the dispute. I received a check for $912.50 from Patricia Sue Griffith for damages to my vehicle and home caused by the management. This was all a matter of principle for me since I paid my attorney $1000 for the day. Lieutenant Rodig verbally attacked me the first time I met him at his office at the Anaheim Police Department and later he did everything he could to interfere with the mediation. I had demanded as part of the agreement that his officers stop telling us, "if you don't like it here why don't you move?"

Mayor Daly and Shirley McCracken tried to take away our homes but ultimately failed. The only piece of property they got was a speck of dirt on the corner of Midway Drive and Anaheim Boulevard.

The harassment was initiated and allowed to continue and we were denied police services because the arrogant mayor and rapacious council member wanted everyone to pack up and leave so they could build a track of half-a-million-dollar homes. Many families abandoned their homes during the year 1997 to escape the harassment. This is why I call Mayor Daly the Urban Gentrificationist and Shirley McCracken the Rapacious Assimilationist.

The cultural diversity in Anaheim is at stake. Despite my early warnings to Daly and McCracken to apply PolicyLink strategies that bring about a thoughtful fair development process that allows all people, including low income people, to build and have access to the kind of neighborhoods that are good for everyone, Daly and McCracken arrogantly ignored the national attention to urban gentrification received by Angela Glover Blackwell on Ted Koppel's Nightline Television Program which aired May 2001 on ABC.

I invite you to join me in restoring our city government in Anaheim free from unjust law and censorship.



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James Robert Reade

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